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Swans Brewpub

Established in 1989, our on-site brewery is rightly proud of its award winning beers. We brew a wide selection of British-style ales and German and Canadian beers that are created with old-world care and without compromise. No syrups, sugars or “adjunct” are used in our 100 percent grain mashes—only barley and wheat malts, plus oatmeal in our special stout. All of our specialty malts are imported from the UK, as is our unique strain of yeast. The ales are naturally carbonated and left to settle or “fine” at cold temperatures, rather than being filtered. Filtration can remove much of the goodness from beer along with the haze. Another negative practice our Brewer avoids is pasteurization. Our natural and healthy brews are more lightly carbonated than the factory product, and served at a palatable 45 degrees F to bring out the fullness of the flavour for which we strive.