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Cheese Board

chèvre noire goat cheddar, cantenaar, double cream brie, fig spread, crackers and bread. $9.5

Meat Board

birkshire mountain ham, soria chorizo salami, beef bresaola, pickle and grainy mustard. $9.5

Raw Vegetable Board

assorted fresh vegetables, house made ranch. $6

Two Cheese and Stout Dip

served with a pretzel, chips and fresh vegetables. $8.5

Tapenade & Toast

house made. $7

Warm Olives

assorted olives. $5

Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies


 Beer Nuts

house made.  $4



sautéed, shaved pecorino, truffle oil.  $5

Smoked Salmon

oceanwise lox, crispy onions, chili oil, tapenade, avocado.  $8.5

Fig & Brie

fig spread, brie, apple.  $8


Vegan and Gluten Free available, please ask — Gluten Free Bread $0.75

Salads & Mains

Shades of Green Salad

green apple, cucumber, toasted almonds, artisan greens, with apple cider vinaigrette.  full – $6 side – $4

Smoked Tempeh Noodle Salad

smoked tempeh and vegetable skewer, glass vermicelli, yam and zucchini noodles, thai basil, arame and wakame seaweed, ponzu.  $12

Jicama Prawn Salad

oceanwise prawns, jicama, honeydew, lemon ginger dressing.  $13

House Rotisserie Chicken

served with slaw. half/$17 quarter/$10

BBQ Pork Back Ribs

house braised, served with slaw. $16


Green Apple Slaw

honey dijon sauce, toasted walnuts, green apple. $4

Potato Salad

red wine & dijon vinaigrette, green onion, parsley. $4

Kettle Chips

with house made ranch or chipotle mayo. $4


served warm with seeded mustard.  $5


Grilled Cheese & Kimchi

aged cheddar, green apple on grilled ciabatta.  $8

Crab and Shrimp Sliders

oceanwise, lemon zest mayo.  3/12$ 2/7$

Roast Beef Cheese Steak

shaved roast beef, sautéed mushrooms, crispy onions, horseradish mayo, gouda.  $9.5


house rotisserie chicken, kimchi, jalapeño, cucumber, cilantro, chipotle mayo.  $9.5

Bratwurst Bunwich

grainy mustard and sauerkraut. $8

— Two Rivers Meats —


Peller Proprietor’s Reserve Pinot Grigio

5oz $6.00  9oz $9.5

Peller Proprietor’s Reserve Merlot

5oz $6.00  9oz $9.5

Joie A Noble Blend 2016

5oz $9.00  90z $14.00  bottle $29.00

Joie Un-Oaked Chardonnay 2015

5oz $9.00  90z $14.00  bottle $29.00

Fairview Cellars M2 Merlot

5oz $9.00  9oz $14.00  bottle $29.00



Lonetree Dry Apple


Tod Creek Craft Cider — Mala-Hop Cider

on tap 11oz $7.50



Phillips Rootbeer


Phillips Soda


Phillips Orange Cream


Phillips Gingerale


Sparkling Water


Spring Water


Oughtred Coffee — Guatemalan Antiqua


Silk Road Teas

— Angelwater, Imperial Earl Grey, Express Chai, Philosoper’s Brew

Anteeo Teas

– Keemun, Pu’er, Raw Pu’er, White Peony, Aged White.